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Our Services


General Tutoring

Whether it is to help with homework, review materials learned in class, develop study and organizational skills, or pre-teach upcoming content, our teachers can help!  

Test Prep

Taking the ACT/SAT, GMAT, ASVAB, etc?  We've got you covered with individualized strategies to ensure success on standardized tests!  Our 1:1 approach will leave you with the skills, strategies and confidence to do your best!  In addition we offer free diagnostic and practice tests.

Specialized Tutoring

Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, or Discalculia have you struggling?  Our specialized services will provide you with the tools to overcome these difficulties!

Executive Functioning (Beginner)

Do you struggle to stay focused and organized on tasks?  Let us help you tap into your higher-level cognitive skills to allow you to do so.   Our focus is on skills and strategies to help better manage time, regulate behaviors and maintain focus through training and practice.   Through this course students will learn the skills and strategies to improve organization, planning and problem solving, emotional regulation, managing attention, impulsivity and time management while learning to be more adaptable.   Students, with the help of the assigned teacher, will determine which methods work best for them.  One the strategies are determined students will have the opportunity to practice these skills in both real world and simulated activities.

Course Duration: 2 hours per week for 8 weeks.

Cost: $75 per hour

College Application Assistance

Is the thought of applying to colleges or universities and writing college essays overwhelming?  We can help you through the process!

Virtual Learning

Can't get to us?  Our virtual learning option means we can help you wherever you are!  Currently services students throughout the country in both academic tutoring as well as our in our day school program!  Every student receives live on screen sessions with a certified teacher and receives our individualized programming!

Day School Program

Our day school program provides students with a customized program to fit their strengths, needs, personality and learning style.  Following state standards allows us to develop a program that meets requirements while having the flexibility to allow students to excel in their interests!  No two students are the same and neither is our program!